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The Witterings Dental Practice
Ingol Cottage, Cakeham Road, East Wittering
West Sussex PO20 8BP

Practice Membership

The Witterings Dental Membership Plan is an affordable way to spread the cost of your routine dental maintenance appointments. Our dental plans encourage a preventive approach to your dental health needs.

Generally, we know plan members have healthier mouths than their pay-as-you go equivalents as they attend the practice more regularly which reduces the overall need for dental treatment, it enables us to spot any potential issues early resulting in less invasive and less costly treatment.

We have membership plans available for both adults and children and can be tailored to suit your dental needs.

Benefits of our membership include:

    1. Regular dental and hygiene visits* to maintain healthy teeth and gums
    2. Exclusive member discounts on treatment up to 15%*
    3. Membership patients are eligible to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance scheme* giving them access to 24/7, 365 days care
    4. Better value than paying-as-you-go

Wittering Plan leaflet

Wittering Plan leaflet